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I have never in my wildest dreams imagined that Brokeback Mountain would lose best picture to Crash. I personally hated Crash. I thought the plot was horrendous, very flawed, and did not deserve the nomination. For weeks, I heard it was gaining momentum and couldnt believe it! I was incredibly moved, touched, and amazed by Brokeback Mountain...It will remain my very favorite movie, and is #1 in my heart. I honestly cant believe the Academy could get it so wrong, i cried so hard when Crash won....It was truly the worst upset of all time.....I just want to say that I LOVE BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN...and it is the TRUE and REAL winner.....Heath&Jake moved me 2 tears, there performances were amazing and so real to me...Michelle as well...They all deserve the accolades.....I thought this was one of the worst oscar telecasts, it had promise at the beginning, then went downhill....I was thrilled that Reese, Memoirs of A Geisha, Diana Ossana/Larry McMurtry, Gustavo Santaolalla, and most of all, Ang Lee won, they deserved it! Even Philip Seymour Hoffman winning was good. I wished it was Heath[i am still so moved by his brilliant performance] but i figured Philip would take it...I also loved Joaquin P. in Walk The Line....Jake G. was brilliant in B Mountain as well , I wish him, Michelle, and Heath could get oscars. they should have. Once I heard the critics starting to say "Crash" would win, I thought YEAH RIGHT! I was so angry, It felt so rigged and unfair....the academy dosent realize how bad they look right now, it was a cruel&unjust thing to give an undeserving film like Crash best picture....! It may be just a movie awards show, but Brokeback Mountain was more than a movie to touched my heart so deeply and made me want to experience real love....and into a true, better person....B.MOUNTAIN=REAL BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR!!!
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