aleebabee105 (aleebabee105) wrote,

Project Runway

I just started watching this show this season and I am really sad about tonights episode. I also thought last week's wasnt fair either. I thought Raymundo was adorable and much better than Marla. I also think Santino is creative but I liked Daniel F. a lot better, it was admirable he came back. and i thought he had a great personality, he had 2 girls yelling at him the whole time too, which must have been hard. Santino is a sore loser. He blamed Emmett and Emmett wasn't at fault and he also was rude when Nick beat him at the last task. He seemed to think since he won the 1st challenge, he deserves EVERY win.
Am I the only one who likes Diana?? she is super talented, funny, and innovative. I thought what Santino said about her, marla, and guadalupe was un called for at the beginning of tonights episode....he also snarked too much at the judges....I hope Diana, Daniel V, Andre', Chloe, Nick, and Emmett make it far. Theyre my favorites...
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